Property Details

Offered at: $4,440,000
Campo en Puerto Aysen - Quitralco - Chile

This property has incredibly beautiful flora and fauna in a setting stunning water falls, lush forests and the Rio Mallin river that starts at the Andes mountains. It is a preserve of 14,500 Acres. There are 12 miles of Rio Mallin ideal for fishing like very few other places on earth. It has 3 thermal springs of (Hot with 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and a boat dock for your fishing boats.. There can be as fjord tours through the spectaculars fjords Patagonicos for as long as 8 hours. And this farm has an airdrome certified by the DGAC. A one of a kind nature property.

  • Airport
  • Port
  • Hot Springs
  • River Falls
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Spectaculars fjords