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Heidi did a fantastic job of selling my home. Some reasons she's so good:
- Amazing "rolodex" of resources. Anything I needed from the creative (e.g. staging) to technical, Heidi was able to bring in reliable professionals very quickly.
- Market expertise. Heidi has been in the business for decades, knows the Bay Area block by block, and has valuable insight on locations and values. She stays on top of the real estate inventory so she knows what's available for buyers and what's the competition for sellers.
- Good listener. Quickly figures out what individuals are looking for so she can locate the right property for buyers or sell effectively on behalf of owners. Makes her a good negotiator, too.
- Attention to detail. Kept the process moving toward closing, which involves managing multiple work streams at once.
-Hard work. You can't accomplish all the above without putting in a lot of time and energy. Heidi is passionate about real estate and it shows. She's also amazingly responsive, at all hours.

Heidi is simply the best!

Heidi is the real deal. She has been in this business for a long time and every single showing agent we encountered knew her, when we mentioned her name - talk about a legend! She is extremely knowledgable, completely transparent and straightforward, does not sugar coat things unnecessarily and shares her vast experience and professional expertise generously.
We truly felt like we could trust her, and we were not once disappointed. Heidi is marvelous at listening to what her clients are like, what they enjoy, what needs and preferences they have and finding properties that resonate.
Once we had found "our" house, Heidi went after it with everything she had and got it for us at a really great price. We did not think we could find our dream home in this crazy expensive city, but Heidi made it all possible and enjoyable and all of that in a really short amount of time.
Heidi's goal is to help her clients find a home that will allow them to live the life they love, and she could not have secured a better home to us!
We will be forever grateful to have met her and proud to have been her clients.
Hands down, 100% recommend. Heidi is IT!

My husband and I have worked with Heidi now for over 19 years. She helped us (a young family at the time) purchase our first ever home in San Francisco and she helped us sell it again when we relocated: all successful, smooth transactions. Of course it was Heidi whom I called when we decided to sell our property in Oakland this fall. And true to her goal, she was able to sell the property after a single open house! Heidi works tirelessly and accomplishes so much behind the scenes. From the perspective of the client it looks easy and seamless. She is expert in her field and combines this with a warm manner, patience and sense of humor. She is always on your side. Heidi’s team is skilled, responsive and organized. We are very grateful to know her and work with her.

Heidi was our agent both selling and then buying our new home. We've worked with many agents over the years and we couldn't have been more impressed with Heidi's knowledge, connections, responsiveness, and kindness. She orchestrated a quick sale above asking price of our former home and negotiated a purchase price of our new home which we were happy with. We will certainly work with her again.

Heidi is great!

She was very helpful in helping us keep our elder's home in the family. It was a very complex transaction, but Heidi was there fighting for us at every step. Her vast knowledge and experience was the key to navigating the deal through the sales process and away from the legal process.

Great work Heidi!

Benjamin Butler

Heidi was very helpful in the purchase of my first home. I was not very knowledgeable about the process and she made me feel very comfortable every step of the way. Heidi really knows the area where I bought my home, and in fact, she lives only a few blocks from me! I felt that her local knowledge was invaluable in the process, particularly given the housing market at the time of my purchase. I am thoroughly happy with my purchase, and will absolutely refer Heidi to friends and family.

After knowing Heidi for years, I am currently able to work with her professionally. Heidi is highly motivated, works harder than most people, is genuine and integrity-filled. She combines her knowledge of the real estate industry with her ability to perceive people and their needs. I am grateful to have Heidi helping me with this important step in my life.

We owe so much to Heidi Mueller.
It was back in 1990 when Rita and Edward, living then on the 800 block of deHaro Street, started looking for a house to buy.

Somehow we connect with HEIDI MUELLER...probably it was at an open house one Sunday.

We explained our wishes, explained our finances -- really, quite limited -- well actually VERY limited. And with her help we started looking.

We looked at a house over on Liberty, one on Dolores, some on Potrero Hill, some in the Mission. We looked for at least 12 months. Dozens of buildings. Dozens of locations.

One day there was an open house at 111 Southern Heights. We stopped by and...

Edward was smitten -- by the view and the amount of space. Rita was less enthralled -- because some of the walls in this modern-architecture building were at strange angles. She thought it would be a real challenge to make this style of room comfortable.

And, of course, at $775K, the price was WAY out of our range. Remember, that was a LONG TIME AGO!

And then Heidi started to work her incredible magic.

A nip here, a concession or two there, a "buyer will carry" note here, and a discount for an incomplete bathroom, and finally, a concession for a loved dining room lamp (which we didn't want anyway), and a much LOWER price was settled.

Our goal was reached, but now we needed a bank to finance the dream?

Heidi pulled another rabbit out of her hat! We had to pay down all our credit cards -- no easy feat -- and fill out what seemed like 300 pages of paperwork.

But finally, on 13 October 1993 it was ours!

Rita and Edward drank champagne sitting on the floor of the great room, looking out the window at the view we've enjoyed for these 23+ years.

So, if you didn't get the idea yet, we think that

Heidi Mueller is the best real-estate agent in the WORLD!
P.S. We Love Heidi!

Heidi Mueller represented us in the sale of our six unit building on 15th Street in the Duboce Triangle area of San Francisco. It was a very complicated sale since it was a 1031 exchange, sold as TICs and had long-term tenants. Everyday a new challenge came up, Heidi had to handle without getting the tenants more upset than they already were. She had to arrange for all the inspections, notifying all the tenants, co-tenants, etc. Since we were absentee owners living in Southern California, we could not thank Heidi enough for handling this difficult sale with a stress-less, successful close of escrow. After everything was said and done and with the help of an attorney that Heidi recommended, Heidi negotiated an additional $50,000 from the buyers.

Whether you are a first time buyer or a seller, Heidi Mueller is the most experienced real estate broker in the San Francisco Bay Area. She even negotiated a NNN lease for us in Bakersfield, California. In the meantime she has helped several of our friends selling and buying property. Everybody called us to thank us for referring Heidi.

Thank you, Heidi, you are the best!

Heidi is a great agent! I worked with Heidi when I moved to San Francisco several years back. We worked together for several months when I moved to California and she helped me to boil down the options and successfully negotiate a condo purchase. She knows the ins and outs of the city and is totally connected to the market and the community of real estate agents in the city. She has great insider knowledge and is constantly working to increase her knowledge of the local markets and trends. And she is great to work with, bringing a human touch that will help see you through the ups and downs of home buying and selling. I value her opinions and trust her judgment. I highly recommend Heidi !

When I bought my home five years ago, I had no experience with home-buying, as I had never owned my own house before. When I contacted Heidi, she took the time to find out exactly what I wanted, where I wanted to live, and how much I could afford. I looked at many houses, and Heidi never tried to convince me that "this is the one," she listened to my concerns. When I found the right house, Heidi knew it right away; she saw it in my eyes and felt my love for the house.

I recommended Heidi to a dear friend when she wanted to buy a new home, and I know that my friend was very pleased with Heidi, too. Heidi is a wonderful realtor and a wonderful person. .

Heidi is an excellent person to work with when selling your home! My company transferred me temporarily to Michigan. After several years this assignment became permanent so I needed to sell my condo home in Oakland California. Heidi took the extra time to work with me long distance for a successful sale of my home! I highly recommend Heidi!

I highly recommend Heidi to anyone looking to purchase a home. Knowledgeable, honest, patient, not pushy and she went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the property… She listen to my wants and concerns and never ever made me feel unimportant. I purchase a short sale home and Heidi kept in touch with all parties involved to make sure everyone was always on the same page. Awesome Realtor!

Short version: Heidi is simply awesome, I would totally recommend her to anyone I know.

Long version: The process of buying a new home is nerve-racking, and you're looking at choices, documents and paperwork that are often hard to digest. So you simply need someone you trust and Heidi was that: she took the time for us, is available day and night, has a great team of people she works with, and she simply gets things done.

Maybe the best experience we had was that we made an offer, and got countered by another buyer. Heidi called her team to see if we could get pre-approved for a higher offer (this all played down around 10PM) and we basically closed the deal that same night with the seller. By the time the other party increased their offer the morning after, we already had the signatures down and were buying the house. Heidi clearly knows how the game is played, and she basically got us the home that we otherwise would have lost.

You could tell Heid is respected by others and is clearly on top of her game. We had a great experience, so we can only pass along the positive feedback to others as well.

Heidi is absolutely incredible, and actually those words might not even do her justice. I was entering the home-buying process for the first time with a strong idea of what I wanted but zero idea of how to actually get it, and Heidi saved the day, explaining all my options as a buyer and telling me straight up what I needed to do to get my offer accepted. I felt extremely cared for and prioritized as a client from start to finish, and now I'm happily moving into the most perfect house I've ever seen! I know I wouldn't be in this position without her persistence and hard work. She's truly a master, and if I get the chance to work with her again, I definitely will!

Heidi have many years of real estate experience. She have a tremendous support team from house inspector, lenders to title insurance officer. I was impressed with her team’s dedication to get the job done because I noticed her team actually work after hour when needed. Despite this challenging time, Heidi work hard and delivered. I am grateful for her expertise and her no nonsense attitude. Excellent service!

I worked with Heidi on purchasing a home in San Francisco during a corporate relocation. Heidi was incredibly focused, respectful, conscious of my requirements and interests, was extensively prepared during each of our meetings, and worked through all steps of the process with the utmost professionalism. I very much enjoyed working with Heidi and consider her a friend to this day. I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone that is looking for a real estate professional in SF. Heidi is by far and away one of the most diligent and focused realtors that I have ever had the opportunity to work with in a property transaction. You cannot go wrong by working with Heidi and her team!

Heidi was my realtor for a short sale for a condo I had in Oakland, CA. She stepped in after my former realtor recommended her because of her particular expertise in short sales. Heidi and her team had to work the process with my bank for a very extended period of time, dealing with their difficult requirements and propensity to lose documents repeatedly. We lost buyers and had to find new ones several times over because of the bank's errors and drawn-out schedule. In the end, she was able to rid me of this property and help me get my life back on track. Heidi is a skilled, patient, and relentless realtor - I recommend her highly.

I am a first time home buyer with minimal knowledge of the process. I started looking to buy when the market had become fairly volatile and Heidi helped guide me through. She has an endless, positive energy about her and a no pressure attitude. She is knowledgeable and extremely responsive. Ex: I saw an add for a house I was interested in, viewed it that late morning, called Heidi, she came to Oakland from SF that afternoon, viewed the house, met me at my place, drew up an offer, submitted it that night, and I found out at 9:30PM the next night that I got it. The woman knows how to make things happen. I also had a lot of fun with her through what I thought would be a more stressful process. I recommend Heidi as a realtor and as just a quality person to experience in life.

Heidi is a great realtor. In 2010 she found us an amazing place in San Francisco. Unfortunately for us we didn't buy it and regretted it after. When we were planning to move out of San Francisco down to the Peninsula, we used Heidi again and she found us a fantastic house in Belmont.

She is very friendly and we highly recommend her.

I had the good fortune of being introduced to Heidi when I needed an agent to sell a property. Heidi Is an amazing professional who is masterful in all areas of her craft.

She is absolutely reliable, kind, and patient. She also has a wonderful network of people who support her in making good things happen.

She made the experience of selling the property a very good one. I don't believe you can go wrong with Heidi Mueller.

If you need result, go for Heidi and her team! Heidi is efficient, responsive, and is an excellent problem solver. During our buying process, she showed her exceptional tenacity and ability to talk up and negotiate with the listing agent. This is just one example, not to mention many other occasions when she showed she was on top of the game, for you. She would go extra length to ensure you get your dream home.

We were so lucky and grateful to work with Heidi! As young, first-time homebuyers with limited funds, Heidi was helpful, knowledgable, and incredibly supportive throughout our process of purchasing a Below Market Rate (BMR) unit in San Francisco. In fact, Heidi took the initiative to contact the seller's agent of a BMR condo that had just been put back on the market one day before, and because we were the first to see it we were given priority by the Mayor's Office to purchase it. She made sure we were on top of signing any and all e-documents ASAP and helped us negotiate a tricky situation when the sellers wanted to stay in the home longer than we could wait. On top of all that, Heidi was warm and truly seemed invested in helping us find the perfect home.

Heidi did an amazing job of finding properties that matched my list of requirements. She was professional and answered all my questions or found the answer if she did not have it already at hand. I would gladly use her services again and would highly recommend her to friends.

Highly recommended. I was impress with her ability to exceed while faced with many challenges. Heidi was very understanding and not one time did she give up. Heidi is a go getter & Very easy too work with. Definitely will use her again.

Heidi is a Gem! We selected her to list our tenant-occupied, early-1900's, very small, un-remodeled home and she handled all of these potentially negative aspects in an incredibly pragmatic and professional manner. She negotiated to get us a better price than we even expected.

Her ability and tact while acting on our behalf with regards to the tenant situation allowed us to sell this home with minimal stress and personal involvement. We couldn't recommend her more!

My fiancé and I just bought our very first home and we couldn't be happier! Heidi and her team were so wonderful throughout our home buying process. They were fast, detailed and accurate every step. We will definitely be recommending them in the future!

As a first time home buyer, Heidi was extremely helpful in guiding me every step of the way. Her attention to detail, professionalism and knowledge of the area and the market made this experience both rewarding and exciting. I love my new home, and owe it all to her!

Heidi helped us buy a condo in Hayes Valley. She was great - we started with somewhat vague ideas about what we wanted, and Heidi's impressive knowledge of the various areas really helped us zero in on a place that will suit us really well. She also was very very accommodating of our busy schedule, managing to have us visit very many places in a short time. Once we decided to make an offer, the whole process went incredibly smoothly. We could not be happier!

Heidi Mueller is the best of the best. She was our realtor for both a highly successful buy and sale and will be for yet another sale in the near future. Her knowledge of and experience with the Bay Area real estate market makes Heidi the ideal realtor for buying and selling. For buying, she isn't just a passive guide, she gives you the straight scoop on area strengths and liabilities and even future trends. She listens and knows what you want so that time isn't wasted. On selling, she sets a realistic target price and markets strategically. She's a no-nonsense and knowledgeable real estate professional that is becoming increasingly rare.

Heidi helped me with a home purchase and a home sale. She was absolutely amazing with both. Her knowledge of the bay area, other agent's strategies, price trends, etc. is truly exceptional. She's also a straight shooter. I never felt manipulated, the way I some times have felt with other agents. She never wasted my time. She does serious leg work and makes things happen. Fast responses with straight answers. It was clear several times she was only thinking of my, and my families, best interests over her own. She could have made more money,but we would have bought the wrong home. I think she's the best!

Heidi is always wonderful to work with. She is very energetic, a real go-getter on behalf of her clients. She went the extra step to ensure the listing for my condo got a lot of attention, and that I had offers I was happy with. Heidi knows how to negotiate. Heidi had also assisted me 10 years earlier when I bought the property I just sold through her. It was a pleasure dealing with her then as well. I can't recommend Heidi enough. She really knows the market and is very service-oriented, never leaving you in the lurch.

Heidi is a skilled, very knowledgeable Realtor. She's helped me buy and sell in the San Francisco area and did a great job for me each time. I wouldn't use anyone else!

Heidi was sincerely interested in our finding the right property for us. This is what separates her from other realtors I have worked with. She was available whenever we had a question and fit into our schedule at all times as well. Her advice was right on the mark and even when I disagreed she gently tried to make her point. And she was right each time. She knows the Bay Area real estate market, she knows the current selling culture, and she works well for YOU within it. We are very happy with our property and would recommend her to friends.

Heidi is amazing! Plenty of local knowledge and unafraid to give you her honest opinion as someone with plenty of experience in the industry without sugar-coating her words or hard-selling things. She's very flexible, easy to contact, and if she doesn't know the answer she'll find it.

We had the pleasure to work with Heidi as our realtor on the sale of our condo, in addition, in the purchase of our house. It was a very tough market to penetrate, yet Heidi was able to use her expertise of the local San Francisco market to sell, then buy in this crazy housing market. Not only is Heidi a savvy business woman, she is trustworthy, hardworking and kind. If you are looking to purchase or sell, Heidi is a great partner to represent your interests. We would definitely want Heidi to represent us again should the opportunity present itself.

Heidi is Awesome. Throughout the process she made every step as clear and painless as possible, was always available within minutes and was considerate and thoughtful. Some people are passionate about sports, she is passionate about making the sale and making her clients happy. What makes her stand out for me is that she took the time to work through the tax picture after the sale of the house. This was not necessarily in her job description, but it really helped everyone to feel taken care of not just at the time of the sale, but she was helping us to anticipate our situation after the sale.
Thank you Heidi.

Best real estate agent you could hope for! Absolutely, 100% recommend for all your real estate needs. She's knowledgable, sweet, smart, professional, and extremely honest. She actually wants what's best for you and your family -- not just to make a quick buck. We can't say more about her or recommend her more highly. She got us our dream home -- in SF -- and it's our first home. She worked tirelessly for 6 months to help us find the perfect place and it really paid off. We loved working with her and still keep in touch with her!

Heidi is amazing at her craft! My boyfriend and I were first time buyers and Heidi helped us to find our dream home. San Francisco is a very competitive housing market but Heidi worked her magic and we now live in such an amazing place. Not only, is she diligent and a no-nonsense agent, she is full of integrity. We almost bought a place that she felt in the end wouldn't be a good fit and she gently steered us away from it. Phew. Could not recommend her more highly-- you will not be disappointed.

Heidi helped us buy our home in 2009 during a difficult time in the real estate market. We found her to be very intuitive about what we were looking for, knowledgeable, responsive, and on top of every aspect of the process. Our experience was so positive that when we decided to put our home on the market we asked her to represent us without even considering any other agents.

Our experience working with her this time was once again outstanding. We followed her recommendations for preparing our home for sale carefully and as a result sold our house in one week for an excellent price. Since the sale contract was signed she has once again been very attentive to all of the details and paperwork necessary to bring the sale to conclusion.

Whether you need an agent to buy or sell a home you could not find a better more knowledgeable agent to represent you.

Heidi is amazing!

We've worked with her twice, once to buy our first home, and then again to sell that home and buy a larger one.

She's very responsive and well informed about the market, and was an overall joy to work with. It took me a few months to find something, but Heidi never lost her enthusiasm.

For the second place, our timeline to sell our the place was extremely short and challenging, and Heidi pulled it off with aplomb. We were really stressed but Heidi was so proactive, responsive, and reassuring that it really helped us pull through.

Would definitely work with her again and recommend her to others.

Heidi was great to work with. She supported us through the process from beginning to end and made sure we had everything we needed to make it happen. As a first time home buyer, Heidi prepared us so we were ready to make a great offer and guided us through the loan and closing process. If it weren't for Heidi's time and attention to detail, we would have not landed our amazing home. I would definitely recommend Heidi and would love to work with her again in the future!

I received a recommendation for Heidi through my relocation team when I moved to the SF area. The original realtor I was given was “peninsula specific” and basically refused to show me SF city homes, so I asked for a new realtor—and boy am I so very happy that I did.

From the beginning, Heidi was great to work with. She listened carefully to me and what I was looking for. She was available for showings when I was ready. Heidi was positive, supportive, and always accessible to answer any questions I had throughout the process. Heidi worked tirelessly to show me the right housing match, even given the realities of a challenging SF Market. She gave me advice on neighborhoods, on area amenities, and compared specific homes I was viewing with what I was ultimately looking for, making my decisions more informed and easier. I never felt like she was trying to "sell" me anything, and I felt very confident with the advice and suggestions she offered.

As I worked with Heidi, it became obvious that she has created and cultivated wonderful relationships with other brokers, which helps immensely in a competitive market. In fact, she fosters warm working relationships with everyone involved in the transaction, and that goes very far in making transactions go smoothly, even with bumps in the road. When there was a surprise eleventh hour complication with the deal, Heidi was right there minute-by-minute, supportive and helpful, offering suggestions, calling in solutions, and literally went the extra mile (or two!) to help save the deal.

Heidi was very quick to respond and helped me find, win, and close on a home in just over 2 months, a stellar achievement in this very competitive SF housing market. Heidi is top notch, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking for an amazing realtor.

Heidi knows San Francisco! I'm an active duty military member and my wife is born and raised in SF so we really wanted a place to call our own in the city we love. Heidi was extremely professional and knowledgable of the market. She encouraged my wife and I to go for the place we really wanted, even though we were scared at first to pull the trigger. She was available when we needed her and responded in a timely manner. She gave excellent advice on neighborhoods and provided recommendations for professionals to close the deal. Her assistant, Julia made all of our paperwork a piece of cake. We had an overall wonderful experience working with Heidi and her team.

It's been a real pleasure working with Heidi and having her guide us on our home buying journey. Having been in the business for a long time, she is an expert in the ins and outs of what to look for in a house, the buying process, and how to negotiate a good deal. She has been extremely responsive to all of of our questions along the way, and even helped us with a number of issues after we purchased our new home. Overall a very pleasant experience - we highly recommend her!

I know I could not get my home without her. From our first connection and throughout the buying processes, she paid detail attention to and addressed my unique relocation situation and busy work schedule, and really went to extra miles and worked long hours to get my home closed in a timely manner. She was always available, prompt, concise in every aspect of the buying processes and also gave me very helpful guide and advice. I would definitely give my highest recommendation to anyone who is looking for a place in SF area. Thank you, Heidi!!!

Heidi was exceptional and trustworthy. We were first time homebuyers, and she was incredibly patient with us throughout the process. We will definitely take her services again for our next real-estate deal.

Heidi is an amazing and effective real estate agent who constantly impressed me with her WOW factors! She is very knowledgeable in all the details of how to market and sell real estate in San Francisco. She helped me sell my SF condo and I’m very happy with the high offers I received that led to a quick closed sale. During my initial meeting with Heidi, she brought her amazing interior designer and painter who were professional and very reasonably priced. She then finalized the marketing materials, including a very professional & personalized virtual tour website – WOW!!! Within two weeks, Heidi held the first open house! As a result of her efforts, Heidi got me the best price with a clean offer that closed within 30 days. Heidi has the know-how that helped maximize one of my biggest personal investments and allowed me to be stress-free from the complexities of closing SF real estate. She and her amazing team were there for me every step of the way! I highly recommend Heidi if you’re in the market to sell (or buy) your home.

Heidi and her team are great and wonderful people. We've been in business together since 2004. I can't ask for a better, knowledgeable, and overall awesome group....they will work above and beyond to help individuals and families get into homes or sell their homes.

Very professional. Had our best interest in mind throughout the process. Heidi was very responsive to our needs and was always available to answer questions. Called us regularly to keep us informed. She priced our house properly and got us the highest price possible. My wife and I highly recommend Heidi. She is the best you could ever have to meet your needs.

I was so fortunate to have Heidi as my Realtor! My experience with her was simply outstanding. She listened closely to my needs, developed a plan with her team specific to my home, and then implemented the plan. I followed her advice and it was all well worth it.

Heidi worked with me on a very personal basis. She was always very communicative and managed my expectations so professionally that I knew what to expect on a step by step basis. There were no surprises and ultimately it was a stress-free experience and a very smooth transaction. I made the absolute right choice in selecting Heidi to sell my home. Her personal attention, professionalism, and communication skills were key in getting my home sold! She achieved the results I was hoping for with the successful sale of my property. I would highly recommend Heidi for the sale or purchase of your home. She is truly an amazing Realtor!

I cannot recommend Heidi highly enough! As an Architect, I'm sure I was a picky client to work with, but Heidi was patient and supportive and went several miles beyond to help me relocate from Los Angeles. She is knowledgable about the real estate market and the City. She is smart, a great negotiator, and also just a pleasure to work with. I couldn't have asked for a better team and I feel lucky to have met her!

Top-notch service and professionalism by Heidi Mueller. Heidi was really sincere and helpful from beginning to end. Just the type of person you need when looking for your first home or selling it later. Heidi helped me buy my first home back in 2001 and then sell it in 2017. She was extremely flexible with timings and availability whenever I requested anything related to the buying/selling process. She always gave me her honest and valuable view, which helped me take informed decisions. I strongly recommend Heidi.

We found Heidi by chance and we're extremely happy with her services. She has extremely good knowledge of the city of San Francisco, the neighborhoods--which are good which are bad etc. Heidi set up a tour for us with just a couple days notice which was extremely thorough and gave us a broad spectrum of properties and saved us a lot of time. She seemed to know a lot of the other realtors that were showing the properties and it was clear they all had a lot of respect for her. Her follow-up was always prompt and she got back to us quickly on any questions that came up. The closing process went very smoothly also, her communication with the other realtor and the escrow officer was great. Above all she was always pleasant friendly and eager to help--we would use her again in a heartbeat!

In the sizzling Bay Area real estate market, Heidi Mueller of Engel and Volkers brought sanity and focus to our search. Heidi listened to our wishes, needs, and must haves, and helped steer us to appropriate properties. She kept our spirits up after being outbid a few times, and encouraged us to  persevere. We always felt Heidi had our best interests at heart. After finding the perfect home, Heidi was always available to answer even our most trivial questions and concerns. Professional, communicative, a skilled negotiator, and all around great realtor. Thank you Heidi for going the extra mile for us! We love our new home!

I could not ask for a better realtor. Heidi is very knowledgeable about the market and seems to have a very good reputation which is VERY valuable! She asked us great questions to identify the ideal properties so we were not wasting our time. She was thoughtful, straightforward and very responsive!

Heidi planted the seed in us to be a home owner and she helped us make one of the most important decisions of our life. If it wasn’t for Heidi’s gentle prodding in 1996 to purchase our home in San Francisco, we may have missed the opportunity to have gotten into one of the most lucrative housing  markets in the US. But more importantly, we got into a home that we love in Golden Gate Heights and we are eternally grateful to Heidi!

Heidi was a great realtor- she was very responsive and took us out for a full day to “experiment” in different neighborhoods when we first met her.

She also handled our situation well and made sure we were able to handle the rather stressful process of buying our first home. We were able to win  our first bid somehow!

Heidi came into my shop about 3-4 years ago. We got along instantly; I feel that we both thrive off of being genuine and forthright with our clients. She would drop by for assistance and we would talk and compare lives and stories. She knew she could put her trust in my competence 100%.

When it  came my turn to ask her for help with buying a home, I was nervous as can be. I knew I was going to go to Heidi because of our rapport and her attitude. It was a big step for a lifelong renter to make but I told her everything I needed in a new house and, without hesitating, she said she would be able to make it work. We met again and I realized that I trusted her 100% as well and the butterflies in my stomach took a rest finally.

Heidi set her mind to work and negotiated for us a fantastic place that I love coming home to every night. She knew all the signs to look for in choosing a place, and didn't waste time when she discovered a "stinker" of a house that the listings covered up with clever flower arrangements and paint. This happens a lot apparently.

She worked her magic tirelessly and got us a desirable 3br below asking and got a credit from the sellers after close for a renovation we needed after closing. Everything was explained and all the steps made sense. The house closed on time and we were even able to make multiple visits to clarify details and questions we had.

We love our new house and the experience was informative and painless. My goodness give this woman your trust, she will not let you down. Fun fact: She knows all the top players in titles and lenders. Our title broker AND her Mother both bought a house from Heidi.

I know she'll read this. Hi Heidi. Hope you got a smile on your face right about now. I sure do. 🙂

Heidi is magic! Not only is she just an overall wonderful person, she makes the whole house hunting project feel easy and approachable, even for first timers like us. She offered us sound advice on good investments and neighborhoods while tailoring the search based on our preferences (close to BART, for example). Thanks to her, we soon felt our next home was within reach, and got to see some of the best options in Oakland.

Heidi was fantastic. She was incredibly responsive, and always returned my texts and calls in a prompt way. She was also a tireless advocate, and she negotiated deftly with the selling agents. She showed me a perfect house and even though they had already taken offers she managed to get them to accept another. After 5 months of searching for a home she managed to help me buy one within a week. I was very impressed by her, and I'd recommend her to anybody.

Heidi helped us find our home in San Francisco. It was a delight working with her. She is open and honest about the property as well as the process. She is extremely knowledgeable about SF real estate as well as about all the hidden aspects of buying and owning a home. She is very well connected in the SF market. Not only did she advise us throughout the process but also helped with things even after the sale was closed and we moved in. I highly recommend Heidi if you are looking for help with real estate in SF.

Heidi was awesome, experienced, and knowledgeable. She really knows the neighborhoods all over the SF area. Thanks to her insights, she helped us quickly find our new home in SF Bay Area after I was relocated to northern California. Throughout the whole home buying process, Heidi and her team were very responsive and attentive. Even when she was on vacation in Europe, she remained engaged and made sure our offer was properly negotiated with the sellers. Thanks Heidi!

Heidi was recommended by a friend to help my husband and I find our first home in San Francisco, and we were blown away by our experience working with her! Her knowledge of the Bay Area housing market is shaped by decades in the business. Once she got a sense of what we were looking for, she took us around town to check out places and provided input on each one. When we found the perfect place for us, she provided much needed insight on the type of offer we should make and other steps we could take to improve our chances of getting the home. The results speak for themselves: we won the competitive bidding process and got the first home we put on offer on, which is pretty rare in SF!

Heidi is not only great at her job, but she is an absolute delight to work with. She is funny, friendly, patient, and extremely hard working. She does everything she can to make her clients happy and produces amazing results. We strongly recommend Heidi as an agent and would definitely use her again in the future.

Heidi is a fantastic realtor! She knows the Bay Area well and is clear on what to expect for housing in the area. She was extremely patient with me as it took us quite a few months to find the perfect home. But when we did, she took on the negotiation and was able to secure the home for me, even while on vacation! I cannot speak more highly of her. I highly recommend Heidi to help find your dream home!

Allison and Heidi have the connections, know the area (we're in Half Moon Bay), understand the process, and are well in-front of the potential pitfalls along the way. We appreciated the time and knowledge that they brought to our home purchase.

Working with Heidi to buy a home is a dream!

If you are lucky enough for her to take you on as a client, even if you are an inexperienced home buyer like I was, by strategically showing you houses, condos, and neighborhoods, and asking you lots of questions, she will help you identify good options (and will gently help you veto suboptimal ones).

I eased into finding a place pretty slowly at first, but once I was more confident in what I wanted and ready to go, we got the first house we offered on (apparently this is rare in San Francisco!), got amazing financing, and closed the whole deal in 3 weeks.

Heidi’s contacts in the business are no joke and helped us every step of the way!

Allison and Heidi are amazing!!! I met Allison at an open house for a BMR condo I was interested in. She was super supportive and answered all my questions during the application process. Things did not work out with that BMR but Allison kept reaching out and sending me information for other BMRs that met my needs. After winning the DALP lottery, I contacted Allison and asked her to show me some condos in my price range. She was super responsive and listened to my desired specifications. Allison arranged for me to see the condos I was interested in as well as a few others that I had overlooked. I fell in love with one of the condos exactly in my price range. The perimeters of my purchase were rather limiting but Allison and Heidi (her business partner) worked diligently to convince the seller to take my offer. They pushed the whole way for everyone involved to do what they needed to do to close the deal. We ran into a few hiccups along the way (from the other parties involved) and Heidi and Allison worked tirelessly to find a solution. They supported me throughout the whole process and made my dream of being a homeowner come true. Allison and Heidi were attentive, caring, and responded to all my questions and concerns along the bidding and closing process. I am a proud homeowner because of Allison and Heidi's hard work and commitment to their clients. I would definitely recommend using Heidi and Allison as your realtors.

Allison is AWESOME. She helped us find appealing properties in several neighborhoods in the East Bay and took a ton of grief out of the process for us by answering all of our questions having to do with disclosures, contracts, and more. She and Heidi were both great at helping us negotiate terms, and my wife and I felt like we had real leverage with them as our advocates.

Allison's easy to get ahold of at any time and was enthusiastic about helping on every occasion we reached out. A+.

Heidi was my agent in a recent purchase (June 2019) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her associate Dylan, was also very helpful. The words I would choose for Heidi are- responsive, upbeat, and hardworking. Heidi was VERY responsive, replying to text and emails from morning to night when needed. She made the extra phone call to push through paperwork and sent confirmation emails when she needed me to take action. I felt that she was active and on my side for the entire transaction. She also gave me good advice and referrals for vendors when needed.
Dylan was showing the property when I first viewed it and he also assisted and followed up throughout the buying process. This kid is going places! Dylan is smart and sweet and is dedicated to the Real Estate business.
Overall, Heidi is a consummate professional who knows the business and will be your advocate. Thank you, Dylan and Heidi!

Heidi is a true professional! We have both bought and sold a house with her. Her expertise made both processes smooth and streamlined. Our house sold after only 4 days due to her advice on show ready fixes, staging, and overall marketing. Throughout the process she continually kept us informed on what was going on. It was clear she worked very hard behind the scenes to make us a great deal with minimal work on our part. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Heidi to anyone.

If you are looking to sell a BMR (Below Market Rate) unit in San Francisco look no further than Allison and her partner Heidi Mueller. It's a long and complicated process that they deftly handled so that I had to do very little but sit back and wait (and you do have to wait!!).

I'm having tea in my new house surrounded by boxes from the move yesterday and in love with it. Heidi Mueller made this possible. This can be a difficult thing to accomplish in the complicated market of the Bay area. Heidi knows this market, was direct about what was going to take some time, what was a longshot, what was possible and probable--including the element of the unknown--and the ins and outs of what would be acceptable to the bank. She really listen to my specific needs and wants, and she delivered. This is a big accomplishment because I was not in a great position to buy a house, a bit of a challenging case. She had to negotiate well and carefully. I would absolutely not hesitate to call her again! I highly recommend her. She is truly a realtor with wings. ??

I loved working with Heidi! Our time together was short and sweet but I really did enjoy having her as my realtor. Her knowledge of San Francisco was very impressive, her responsiveness to email and text was excellent. I never felt too rushed or pressured during my home buying experience and she kept a nice pace of keeping me informed during the entire process. She is by far and away the most personable agent I've worked with and would absolutely work with her again.

Alisson and Heidi duo is perfect if you want to close during the pandemic. Together they will guide both the seller and the buyer through every aspect of your negotiation to make sure you close. I recommend their services 100%!

We cannot recommend Heidi highly enough, her knowledge of the city and her experience in real estate put us in the best hands we could have hoped for to guide us on our search.

This was our second purchase with Heidi over the last 5 years, and without her, it would have almost definitely not gone through. She brings unparalleled market knowledge, and helps your make decisions (big and small) at every step. I would not hesitate even for a second to recommend her for your real estate needs.

Sharp and to the point. Heidi was quick to understand what I was looking for and patient with my questions. She knew every line of every form and was a huge help pushing the process over the line.

In a competitive market like SF Bay Area, Heidi knows her stuff. She is truly a star at what she does. She gets the job done. She has a strong grasp of the real estate market in the SF Bay Area, has the right network, learns about you and what you want and then spends the time till you find a place you like. We tried two other agents in the area before we found Heidi and none of them were a 5-star agent. Highly recommend her.

Allison and Heidi are absolute rockstars.
They were knowledgeable, responsive, kind, and infinitely patient throughout the whole buying process. They know the Bay Area market well, which was an asset to us. I would 100% recommend them for any real estate needs.

Heidi was recommended to me by a friend and it was a great recommendation -- she helped show us homes across San Francisco that fit in our price range -- and she suggested new neighborhoods that perhaps we wouldn't have considered. As first time homebuyers we appreciated Heidi's knowledge and willingness to educate us as to how the process worked. Would definitely recommend her!

Heidi is a superb agent. She spent several weekends driving us all over the East Bay, educating and guiding us through the housing market while we visited homes. She is super knowledgeable about the Bay Area market, but also a really sweet person who genuinely cared about us getting a house we would love. In such a competitive market it is so refreshing to have such a patient and caring agent like Heidi as your advocate. When a great opportunity came along she jumped on it and secured it for us, and we are now in our beautiful home thanks to Heidi.