Bought a home in 1992

We owe so much to Heidi Mueller.
It was back in 1990 when Rita and Edward, living then on the 800 block of deHaro Street, started looking for a house to buy.

Somehow we connect with HEIDI MUELLER…probably it was at an open house one Sunday.

We explained our wishes, explained our finances — really, quite limited — well actually VERY limited. And with her help we started looking.

We looked at a house over on Liberty, one on Dolores, some on Potrero Hill, some in the Mission. We looked for at least 12 months. Dozens of buildings. Dozens of locations.

One day there was an open house at 111 Southern Heights. We stopped by and…

Edward was smitten — by the view and the amount of space. Rita was less enthralled — because some of the walls in this modern-architecture building were at strange angles. She thought it would be a real challenge to make this style of room comfortable.

And, of course, at $775K, the price was WAY out of our range. Remember, that was a LONG TIME AGO!

And then Heidi started to work her incredible magic.

A nip here, a concession or two there, a “buyer will carry” note here, and a discount for an incomplete bathroom, and finally, a concession for a loved dining room lamp (which we didn’t want anyway), and a much LOWER price was settled.

Our goal was reached, but now we needed a bank to finance the dream?

Heidi pulled another rabbit out of her hat! We had to pay down all our credit cards — no easy feat — and fill out what seemed like 300 pages of paperwork.

But finally, on 13 October 1993 it was ours!

Rita and Edward drank champagne sitting on the floor of the great room, looking out the window at the view we’ve enjoyed for these 23+ years.

So, if you didn’t get the idea yet, we think that

Heidi Mueller is the best real-estate agent in the WORLD!
P.S. We Love Heidi!