Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Pinole, CA

Heidi came into my shop about 3-4 years ago. We got along instantly; I feel that we both thrive off of being genuine and forthright with our clients. She would drop by for assistance and we would talk and compare lives and stories. She knew she could put her trust in my competence 100%.

When it came my turn to ask her for help with buying a home, I was nervous as can be. I knew I was going to go to Heidi because of our rapport and her attitude. It was a big step for a lifelong renter to make but I told her everything I needed in a new house and, without hesitating, she said she would be able to make it work. We met again and I realized that I trusted her 100% as well and the butterflies in my stomach took a rest finally.

Heidi set her mind to work and negotiated for us a fantastic place that I love coming home to every night. She knew all the signs to look for in choosing a place, and didn’t waste time when she discovered a “stinker” of a house that the listings covered up with clever flower arrangements and paint. This happens a lot apparently.

She worked her magic tirelessly and got us a desirable 3br below asking and got a credit from the sellers after close for a renovation we needed after closing. Everything was explained and all the steps made sense. The house closed on time and we were even able to make multiple visits to clarify details and questions we had.

We love our new house and the experience was informative and painless. My goodness give this woman your trust, she will not let you down. Fun fact: She knows all the top players in titles and lenders. Our title broker AND her Mother both bought a house from Heidi.

I know she’ll read this. Hi Heidi. Hope you got a smile on your face right about now. I sure do. 🙂