Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Adams Point, Oakland, CA.

I am a first time home buyer with minimal knowledge of the process. I started looking to buy when the market had become fairly volatile and Heidi helped guide me through. She has an endless, positive energy about her and a no pressure attitude. She is knowledgeable and extremely responsive. Ex: I saw an add for a house I was interested in, viewed it that late morning, called Heidi, she came to Oakland from SF that afternoon, viewed the house, met me at my place, drew up an offer, submitted it that night, and I found out at 9:30PM the next night that I got it. The woman knows how to make things happen. I also had a lot of fun with her through what I thought would be a more stressful process. I recommend Heidi as a realtor and as just a quality person to experience in life.