Why buy a home instead of renting

Owning your own home is the best investment you can make. It gives you freedom because as long as you are paying your mortgage you know that you have a home where you can live a life you love. But what about the ups and downs of the real estate values? Once you buy a home that you can afford it does not really matter what the market does. Like life the market always changes. So the secret is to buy a home that you like and want to live in for a while. Then you can time any move you might want to make and owning the home is not a hardship. So be sure you get good professional advice from a knowledgeable and wise realtor who gives you straightforward advice. There is lots of information but putting it into context is the key. What kind of space do you need? What area excites you and where do you think you belong? Those are just a few questions your realtor needs to ask you before setting up your first tour. Of course those are just beginning inquiries. And it should be fun.