Reshaped by the technology age, the Peninsula is home to sunny neighborhoods, gorgeous estates and many business opportunities.

Reshaped by the technology age, the Peninsula is home to sunny neighborhoods, gorgeous estates and many business opportunities.

Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay is a coastal town about 30 miles South of San Francisco. It has a charming, historic downtown of galleries, wineries, shops and locally owned restaurants. Half Moon Bay is an easy drive to the diversity of San Francisco. It is nestled between the rolling hills and the Pacific ocean. The coastline has some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in California. Miles of clean beaches run alongside lush bluffs and an Pacific ocean teeming with marine life. Half Moon Bay residents have fun loves filled with outdoor activities, from surfing and sailing to hiking and biking through forests. With a population around 11,000, Half Moon Bay residents have a real sense of community.

Daly City
Daly City is just outside of San Francisco, reaching from the Pacific Ocean and stretching almost to the San Francisco Bay. Due to its coastal location, this neighborhood is often cool and foggy. The extensive transportation infrastructure in Daly City gives this neighborhood easy accessibility from San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. It has become a hub for working professionals and continues to grow economically.

The city of Colma is known as the “The City of the Silent” because while it has only 1,400 residents, there are 16 cemeteries, adding many more souls to the population size. The Spanish architecture in Colma gives this small city an old-world charm. Colma is located about 10 miles South of downtown San Francisco in San Mateo County. Colma has thriving businesses, car dealerships and shopping malls.

Sheltered by the mountain, Brisbane often enjoys sunny weather while its neighbors shiver in the fog. The houses are mostly small with flat tops but they enjoy sweeping views of the coast. The town is backed by a large county park which is great for you “outdoors” types and there is also a small shopping center.

South San Francisco
Also known as “South City”, South San Francisco is known an industrial town and home to many storage facilities, wherehouses and trucking companies. The city is mostly populated with townhouses and single-family homes. Now that BART has just extended its line here so we’re looking for this area to take off.

San Bruno
Bordering on Highway 101 and highway 92, San Bruno, everything is fairly accessible though most are commuting to Silicon Valley. Their shopping center is undergoing renovation, a new Target has been added and the whole town seems to be going through an overhaul.

BART has just extended its line so we’re looking for San Bruno to be booming any minute.

Pacifica is about 12 miles South of San Francisco on the coast. It is nestled between the hills and the Pacific ocean and the views from the neighborhood are spectacular. Many Pacifica residents enjoy surfing great point breaks and hiking the mountains that overlook the entire Bay Area. In comparison to San Francisco and neighboring Half Moon Bay, Pacifica is affordable.

This is a pretty and well-cared for town that has a bit of a suburban feel to it. There are many two-story homes on the hills which boast decks for catching the great view. Near the highway (101), home are smaller and more modest but still well-kept. Their schools are average to better than average.

Sitting next to the airport and two freeways, it’s considered to be a convenient place to commute from. We’ll just be sure to check the noise level when looking for a home here.

Burlingame has many hill homes that have views to the bay. Here, home prices rise with elevation. The town itself is standard with a few shops and restaurants but it’s most distinct feature is that it is loaded with trees.

Because it is located just south of the airport with a good commute, it has recently attracted many businesses. A large portion of the town caters to the airport supplying parking, maintenance and other services.

If you’re looking for a home here, we’ll ask neighbors about noise.

Wealthy. Wealthy. Wealthy. That what people think of when they hear “Hillsborough.” The mansions are gorgeous but they also have other “upper middle class” homes. Silicon Valley’s nearby location made this town even more desirable. Of course, with the wealth comes great schools, low crime and beautiful neighborhoods.

San Mateo
San Mateo is a sweet town located between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley where you will spend the days with a sunny, pleasant feeling. It is well-kept and middle-class with a bustling downtown area. San Mateo is a short drive to the coast, Half Moon Bay, and an easy half-hour commute to the Silicon Valley or San Francisco. This central location brings energy to an otherwise quiet county with tree-lined streets and beautiful single family homes.

Foster City
Most homes and apartments here are on the water. Drawn from the Bay, the water meanders throughout Foster City and collects in lagoons. On summer evenings, residents take to their rear patios and decks where they dine and watch the ducks paddle by. Want to exercise? Just take out your canoe.

With its location halfway down the peninsula, Foster City is an easier trip for those Silicon Valley commuters. Because of the work-oriented location and apartment-focused housing, this town is home to many young, single professionals and empty nesters.